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Speaking: Optimism

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Originally, when I thought I'd like to do public speaking, I was thinking about brain injury, my story, and my recovery. In 2016 I began to speak locally, and once in Halifax at Dalhousie University, and it was good, proceeding at a modest pace, but proceeding nonetheless. In the spring of 2017 I was thinking ...

Episode 37 – Concussion support groups (Lauren Van Patten & Jesse Topley, Queen’s University, CESAPchats)

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On Episode 37, the first Concussion Talk Podcast of 2019, Lauren Van Patten and Jesse Topley talk about a peer support group they've started - CESAPchats - to help others, and themselves, address the issues they're having since concussions. Emotional, mental, and physical issues are talked about at their monthly meetings. CESAP (Concussion Education Safety ...

But you don’t LOOK sick

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This is a post by Mal from Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A. It can also be found at Mal contacted me on Instagram and sent me this post after I posted last week about sharing your story of how brain injury has effected you. Thank you Mal! You don't necessarily need to write a ...

Episode 36 – Vision and Recovery After Concussion (Katie Mitchell, MSCPT, CAT (C), Thrive NeuroSport)

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On Episode 36 of Concussion Talk Podcast I talk with Katie Mitchell, MSCPT, CAT (C) of Thrive NeuroSport. Katie is a Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) working at Woolwich Physiotherapy in Elmira, Ontario. She is currently doing her PhD. Katie's research is based on how vision guides movement in athletes, particularly in dynamic tasks. ...

Talk…or Write. Ask.

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Complex situations, be it brain injury, including concussion, or cancer, take people working together to properly address. That doesn't mean every problem will be solved, or every situation will be foreseen, but when people talk to each other, work together, understand that everybody's circumstance is unique, people feel part of something, they can feel that ...

Episode 35 – Yoga and Brain Injury (“Yoga Brain” writer – @_yogabrain on Instagram)

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On Episode 35 of Concussion Talk Podcast writer @_yogabrain on Instagram, and I talk about brain injury, including concussion, and her blog post, "Yoga Brain". -A talks about her concussions, how they've effected her, how she got into yoga, and how she feels its helping. We also talk about time, and patience.  Concussion Talk Podcast is ...

Yoga Brain

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This article was written by -A. Follow her on Instagram @_yogabrain  I didn’t wake up one day and decide I was going to start practicing yoga because it would be beneficial for my brain injury. When I moved to the big city of Toronto to start university, I bought a yoga mat because yoga seemed ...

Episode 34 – Concussion 101 Podcast (York Region Concussion Clinic)

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On episode 34 of Concussion Talk Podcast I talk to Taher, Caitlin, Donna, and Mona,  the Medical Director, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, and Optometrist for York Region Concussion Clinic, respectively. This week sees the launch of their first concussion podcast series, Concussion 101. We talk about concussions, rehabilitation, and spreading awareness. Concussion Talk Podcast is available on: iTunes/Apple Podcasts YouTube SoundCloud GooglePlayMusic

Life Through Your Own Lenses

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In my last post, Different Lenses, I wrote about my experience with cancer, from diagnosis to chemotherapy. I also briefly described my attitude that life is made up of all of our experiences, good and bad. In this post I will discuss brain injury, cancer, or any other issue in your life as not simply ...

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