Dec. 12, 2022

I used to write blog posts a lot!

I used to write blog posts a lot!

I started Concussion Talk as a blog in 2010. Podcasting wasn't necessarily the point. I wanted to write about brain injury (my brain injury specifically) and vent some frustrations about the lack of awareness. I thought the best way to do this was through writing and the best way for people to find my site would be if I focused on all traumatic brain injury, especially its most common form, concussion. Due to the prevalence of concussion in pro ,contact, sports especially, it (football, hockey, rugby, soccer, etc.) was easily mined for topical subject matter. 

Anyway, the blogs continued until 2015. Since then I have focused more and more on my podcast, deviating a bit in 2017-2019 to write a little about cancer. I am now fully focused on my podcast and will be recording one tonight to be posted on December 20.

The point of this very short post is to let everyone know that my old blog posts are available here

And here.

Thank you so much everyone for listening to Concussion Talk Podcast!