Great resource!!

Wonderful resource for those who are suffering from concussions and TBIs. Nick (moderator) is sometimes hard to understand (due to his injuries) but has come a long way in his recovery and I am grateful that he has started such a wonderful resource with excellent quality guests who are very informative on the topic.

A lifeline

Through this podcast, I’ve gotten so many amazing tips on how to deal with my head injury and validation that what I’m going through is real and is tough. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into creating it. It’s an incredible resource that I often desperately need.


As someone who has suffered from many concussions, this podcast is amazing. So many people underestimate the impact a concussion can to be able to listen to a podcast where people go through similar situation is helpful.

Important Conversations

Thank you for raising awareness for this community.

Very informative

Nick’s take on concussions is very informative. Love the variety and the challenge that so many face with concussions.

Wonderful knowledge source

I have a concussion. These podcasts are a great source of information for me about what happened and how I am trying to recover. Thx very much.