March 27, 2023

Brain Injury & Delayed Diagnosis (Amanda Burrill, part 1)

Brain Injury & Delayed Diagnosis (Amanda Burrill, part 1)

with Melissa Biscardi

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Welcome to the Brainiac podcast!

In this episode Brainiac host Melissa Biscardi speaks with Amanda Burrill, a TBI advocate, veteran, chef, adventurist and more. Amanda shares her story, how she became a rescue swimmer, her journey to learning she has a TBI (or a few) and the health providers she has met along the way. Amanda carries such a positive energy, and is always working towards living her life to the fullest. She knew about holistic brain care 'before it was cool' as we like to say. Amanda has been navigating her symptoms and recovery since the early 2000s....before there was as much support and research as there is today. In her own words "the brain is fantastic and plastic!" There was so much to talk about that an episode two is needed- and we will think you agree that we want to hear more about this fantastic human and her life. 

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Amanda: @amandauncharted

Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada: @concussion.can

University of Toronto CLF: @concussion.can.utoronto

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