April 13, 2023

Brain Injury & Delayed Diagnosis (Amanda Burrill, part 2)

Brain Injury & Delayed Diagnosis (Amanda Burrill, part 2)

with Melissa Biscardi

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Welcome to another fun episode of the Brainiac podcast (episode 8, season 3 woot!) hosted by Melissa Biscardi in affiliation with University of Toronto, Concussion Legacy Foundation. Today we have Part 2 with our friend, concussion advocate, veteran and so much more- Amanda Burrill. In this episode Amanda shares about some life changing concussions that happened and how she found her way to some amazing clinicians and clinics across the USA. She shares about how she chose activities she could manage that from the outside seem surprising. Amanda is a light hearted soul and it is a treat to listen to her story.....so much so that we still had to say: To be continued, in Part 3. If you didn't catch the last episode definitely check it out.


Disclaimer: This episode talks about head injury and the details of blood loss at multiple points through the episode.


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