Welcome to Episode 4 of this season's Brainiac podcast! Brainiac host Melissa Biscardi is joined by Dr. Brigetta (pronounced Brig-ee-ta) a naturopathic doctor and paramedic who recently packed her bags and moved from Canada to Sweden to bring concussion care across the ocean. This episode is a fun and informative chat on the topic of moving to Sweden, sleep, why we sleep, the intersection of sleep and concussion and some dangers/warnings around over the counter sleep medications. As always, check with your trusted health professional for what is right and safe for you. We do talk about some tips to promote sleep. Melissa's favourites are using an eye cover and a weighted blanket.


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Melissa Biscardi, Concussion clinician and research trainee

Instagram: @ concussionrehab.ca

YouTube @concussionrehab


Dr. Brigetta Naturopath and brain wise clinician

Instagram: @ naturally_neuro